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Picking Teams and Welcome letters; My rollercoaster

Today I woke up at 5:45 for my usual rotation. I usually hear the alarm, text the supervisor to ask where I’m working and depending on my mood I shower or sleep for 10 more minutes.

Today my alarm went off at the usual 5:45. I texted the supervisor and anxiously checked my HostUkraine email. I love this team is a 24 hour project that is literally giving the Atlantic ocean a big orphan loving hug. Being  part of a team that has such crazy varying time differences yet runs seamlessly is awe inspiring to me. I love checking my email first thing when I wake up because I love this project so much I want to hear who needs help, which kids got placed, and what news is in store for the challenge we have ahead of us today. I got out of bed, I begrudgingly went to work so I can work at the real job that is actually going to pay to run my life. I can’t imagine loving a job so much that I check my work email first thing in the morning. That’s what this team does to you. They’re moving mountains and you don’t want to take your eyes off for a second.

Today as I’m at work I feel like the mission to host orphans is never far away, with every email and every sneak peak at the thread I get, I either dance or I scrambled to help the team while someone else was busy for a second running the essential functions of their lives. One of our kids is sick, so email me about her department, and if its an emergency she will still answer her phone from her own life emergency, because at the utmost importance to us as a team is getting orphans hosted for summer. To give a better life through an 11 week experience what it is like to LITERALLY live in someone else’s shoes. This opportunity to be loved, supported, fed quality meals, and relax from the stress of having to survive, they learn how to start LIVING.

11 weeks in a host family can motivate a child to go to class.

11 weeks in a host family can show a girl she’s ‘better than that’.

11 weeks in a host family can teach a boy he is a good boy.

11 weeks in a host family can teach a child someone does love them.

11 weeks in a host family can put pounds and inches on their frail bodies.

11 weeks in a host family can introduce an orphan to their forever family.

11 weeks in a host family can give a child hope for the first time in their lives.

Do I want to be allowed to participate in a project that has the results like that? A small project that started as a organization of other small companies that have recycled through the years, learning what has now become the largest and most successful USA hosting program for Ukraine. A company that has a staff that puts the mission above themselves to do everything they can to tell families, this mission is important.

Processing welcome letters has been such a beautiful thing. When I say I “process welcome letters” that literally means I have read every single letter and printed them, and folded them with my own hands and transferred the love and excitement that every family has from their letter directly to each envelope. I love every single family and their overwhelming fire to change the world for one orphan. I have never felt so much love and excitement as I have preserving all the love inside each one.

How else can I tell you, this is the most important work of my life. My whole life has been lesson after lesson of painful circumstances in a perfect plan that has brought my unique skill set to a group of people that share my passion to change the world for a child. These people are the most dedicated team I’ve ever met, and today they’re begging you, please consider caring about our mission, it might not be for you, but at least tell other people that it might be for.

I have also felt great sadness.

We all have this memory of elementary school gym class. The teacher gets to pick team captains, then those captains take turns picking players. You all know how it feels to be the last kid picked. No one wants that. Especially not the last one.

We have five orphans left. FIVE beautiful faces that might have their worlds changed by being picked. If when the team gets to the Kiev airport to pick up these kids, over a HUNDRED (yes you  made that happen) smiling faces, and they knew they were interviewed, but they aren’t getting on the bus, those kids know they’re not picked.

The silver lining?

We have to stop placing kids. We’re running out of airline tickets, the prices are going up and they’re more than the hosting fees. We will very soon NOT be able to place anymore kids and some will be left behind. The good news is if these last FIVE kids get picked this weekend, they will be spared the burn of being left this season. Some of these kids have felt the burn. Some more than once. Some will watch their friends all leave from their orphanage and feed into the demons that tell him there really isn’t even one family in all of America that could possibly love him for 11 weeks.

Please help us to teach these kids someone does love them. They are worth it. They are good kids. Five families in AMERICA.

Please don’t let any of these faces be left behind when their friends get on that bus to the airport. Look in their eyes and help us find them a family to love, even if only for a moment.

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