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*Critical Need*

Today the timer ran out for the orphans, and not all were placed.

Today we were informed by the Ministry there is also no funding for these kids to be placed in “summer camp” and we need to continue to search for families.

Two more doors just slammed these kids in the face.

Today the Host Ukraine Team decided we have to help these kids this summer. We are working literally around the clock to find enough families to say yes. We are doing our own fundraisers to help raise scholarships, we are talking to families, talking to donors, doing everything we can for the families to be successful in this mission.

What we can’t do is create families. We NEED loving families to step forward this minute, to host. We buy tickets for the kids based on arrival airports. We cannot buy tickets with no families signed up and every MINUTE that ticks by raises the costs of the airline tickets. Every second the door is closing on Host Ukraine.

The team is desperate for these kids. We are furiously following up on every person that ever mentioned they might want to host. We are literally putting our personal lives on hold until we find every single kid a family.

Please help us by hosting, or telling some one about us. Please message us, call us, email us. We want to talk to you about how we can make your summer successful. We want to brainstorm and help with ideas for fundraising. We can’t help you to be a successful host family if you never contact us.

Please leave the door cracked open for these kids. 

Please look at the last kids. Please decide to change THEIR lives for the summer. Now more than ever we need families to step forward.

Please don’t wait for someone else to step forward. You’re the hero of this story. Please reach out to us. Which life will you change this summer?

We need families. If you have ANY questions, suggestions, prayers, PLEASE reach out. Visit Host Ukraine   Email :     Call: 717-417-HOST

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Mykhalio is an easy going boy who loves sports and learning.

Vlad is looking to be the only child in a family. He is already 16 and this will be his last chance to have alone time with a family.

Olga is a last minute add in and has a $850 scholarship.

A few new kids we are trying to place:


Although we make every effort to place siblings together, we are willing to split these sibling groups.



 Stephanie is a mother of 5, nurse, photographer and advocate. Learn more about the Howe family Here.