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My house is a mess, but we have orphans to save….

Today is the home stretch. The team and I have been working day and night following up on every lead of everyone that ever whispered they might considered hosting. We are problem solving how to pay for visas and plane tickets while we wait on late funds. We are problem solving and debating how the heck we’re going to place the last few kids.

If you know anything about me you’ll know I work hard. Really hard, and I love hard work. You’d also know I’m not a gambler, and I like things that are statistically sound. I don’t like roller coasters, haunted houses, or anything that makes me feel more adrenaline than going 70 mph through the high speed trans-pass lane.

This week with increasing intensity I have been on the fastest and scariest roller coaster ride of my life. Let me shed a little light for you what its like to be on the inside of Host Ukraine team with literally less than 48 HOURS to place kids with 15 families.

We have families holding a bake sale, this VERY moment trying to raise funds not for the kids their hosting, but to aid families to afford the last minute commitment of changing a child’s LIFE. We are fundraising through every avenue to raise scholarships to allow ONE more family to say yes, and commit.

We get a lead, a friend who knows a friend who has a sister that goes to church with a lady that might be interested. We call and we message and we testify to our cause, to the children’s plight. We talk together and we dance when we have a new application and we cry together when a family backs out.

This is a team of people I’ve never met in person. This is a team that has laughed with me, cried with me, problem solved and prayed. This is a group of people unlike I could ever find anywhere. This is a team of people that BELIEVE in saving orphans. This is a FAMILY that you can join. I love my Host Ukraine Family. You will too.

We are at crunch time. This is the final hour to determine the destiny of the remaining kids.

This has been some of the hardest  most passionate work I’ve ever done. Its been seriously highs and serious lows.  As a nurse I’m pretty well versed in highs and lows, but looking at this timer is a physical representation of the hope that is running out for these kids. If you’re even considering hosting now is the time to commit. Don’t wait till next season, there will always be an excuse. Take the plunge and put your faith in your belief that these kids DESERVE a break, and a chance at a better life, even if it’s only 11 weeks.

These are the sweet faces left. Please don’t make us tell them after being invited to America not one family could step out in faith to give them a few weeks from the chaos and uncertainty their lives are. Don’t allow one of these kids to be sent to the farm to work hard labor all summer because you were too scared to say yes.

If you can’t host, donate. Even $20.00 gets us closer to helping a family say yes.

Online Fundraiser to help with scholarships:

Thirty One, Ends today!

Kolya wants to learn English. He dreams of coming to America. Could you make his dream come true?

Mykhailo is a little shy at first but will warm up and melt your heart. He enjoys participating in sports. Mykhailo is like any child he enjoys watching tv and playing computer games.

He is a generous and thoughtful boy who the director describes as “sensitive” and “wise”. We love Max and know you will too.

These sisters return to us as they were hosted at christmas with excellent reports. They want to be together this summer in a loving family.

 Dima has already turned 16 and is looking at a grim future, this is his last chance to come to America.

Kolya is sweet and an orphanage favorite. He is sweet and shy and has some special needs.


This sibling group hopes to come to America to be together as they live at different orphanages.

        Please consider opening your heart and home before hope runs out for these kids.



<3 Steph