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3 Days, 28 Kids Left Behind.

While the committed host families scurry with excitement to ready themselves for their summer additions, the Host Ukraine Team is scrambling to find 16 more host families to take the 28 kids that are about to be left behind.

Why isn’t there 16 families in the USA that can step forward and host a child for the summer? I think there are. I think there are no unwanted orphans, only unfound families.

Host Ukraine wants to help.

Host Ukraine works on a VERY tight budget. You may not think it costs $3,000.00 per child to bring them here, but you’d be wrong. The cost of plane tickets, visas, short term group insurance is much higher than you’d think. As I make phone calls to travel agencies and get quotes around $10,000.00 for 11 weeks, I realize the mountain of challenges we are up against in the next 36 days.

But more importantly the challenges we are up against  in the next THREE.

We have 28 kids with visas. 28 kids that are prepped and ready to come to America. 28 kids that still need an American family to step forward and host them.

I know it’s scary to think about. How will you communicate? How will you raise the funds? I beg you to do one thing. Let us problem solve with you. These things CAN be worked out.  THREE DAYS LEFT. If you have only a slight nudge to consider hosting, please, please, please contact us.


Right now the team is working on fundraising for the remaining kids. Host Ukraine isn’t a huge company. No one takes a salary. These are real people working REALLY hard to make this happen for the most disparaged and vulnerable population.

How can you help? I’m glad you asked. 

Share. Share on your facebook, google, email, text, prayer chain, whatever access you have to real people, use it.

Donate. Donate $20.00 toward a kid’s hosting fees. Challenge your friends to do the same. Many families walk away from hosting because of the fees. The fees we can’t change, we have to pay for plane tickets, visas, medical clearance, and insurance. We would reduce the fees if we could. Every dollar donated to via paypal goes directly to us offsetting costs in scholarships to help families chose to host. You don’t have to have a child in your home this summer to help them. You don’t have to be rich to donate to help a family welcome a child.

Online Fundraiser to help with scholarships:


Thirty One

Tell everyone you  know. Tell your news paper, tell your church, tell your schools, tell your coworkers. Lets find 16 families.

Open your mind to hosting. Ask us questions. Talk about it, consider it, let us brainstorm with you how to make this possible. Don’t let your fear get in the way of changing a child’s life.

This mission takes a community, don’t you want to be part of something amazing? Look at these faces and commit to helping them out of desperation, into the arms of a safe family for the summer. 


<3 Steph