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8 Days till deadline

39 Days until this bed is full.


8 Days until the deadline for you to decide to host.

16 Families still needed to help Host Ukraine not leave anyone behind.


Which one of these kids would you like to tell there was no family in AMERICA willing to let them stay for 11 weeks?



Which child should be left behind when their orphanage closes for the summer?

Which of these children doesn’t deserve to know what a family is like?

Some of these children don’t even live at the same orphanage as their siblings. For some of these kids this will be the ONLY chance to see their siblings all year. For some kids this will be the LAST chance at hope to meet a forever family, and for some of these kids, it’s already too late.

For the kids over 16 only silver lining is giving these kids a chance at one last great summer, teaching them some skills, how to cook, how to do laundry, how to take care of themselves when they go back to Ukraine and are officially ‘graduated’ from their orphanage.

Lets Recap:

  • At age 16, children are considered “aged out” and are turned into the street
  • 60% of girls end up being trafficked for prostitution/pornography within 2 years. Orphans are at extremely high risk for being trafficked and exploited.
  • 50%+ of the girls become pregnant as teenagers, and more than 80% of babies born to former orphans become wards of the state within 3 years, creating the next generation of orphans
  • 70% of the boys wind up in jail within 2 years of leaving the orphanage
  • 15% of children commit suicide within 2 years of “graduating”
  • What future do orphan graduates have to look forward to in Ukraine?
    • Hopelessness and homelessness
    • No family or social services support system
    • Lack of education, vocational training, dearth of job opportunities
    • Limited and/or non-existent health care
    • Prostitution, pimps, trafficking
    • Jail time for selling drugs, robbery, theft — anything to survive
    • Mandatory time in an ill-equipped military which is at war with Russia. (Soldiers are expected to supply their own bullet-proof vest, helmet, and boot – but of course, orphan conscripts have no money to do so.)

We have only 8 days to make this happen.

Tell your friends. Send me a message. Ask your community to find room for these last few children.

We need to make a miracle.

<3 Steph