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Who We Are

We are the Howe family from Auburn, Maine. There are seven of us, plus a dog and a cat. Our lives are hectic and crazy and great. Nobody is ever alone, and there is always something going on. We are seven people with seven very unique personalities. You may run into us at the Auburn YMCA where we love to spend time either in the gym or at family swim, at the music school, or Bates College where we visit our summer ‘family’ for Youth Arts Program for much of July. We are blessed to have such a wonderful community of people that have joined our ‘family’ and a beautiful neighborhood (walking distance from our amazing elementary school) that is peppered with children that spend many summer days in our yard playing on our playground or trampoline! We like to work hard, play hard, and always find a new adventure to try. We want to welcome Alina to our family to show her what a wonderful gift a family is.

TedI’m Ted. I tend to be quiet and contemplative, which is often mistaken for shyness. I was in the military for a while, and now I study computer science at the University of Southern Maine. I’ve always loved working with computers (building them, fixing them, networking them together), but I’ve found that my true passion is computer programming. It is absolutely my favorite thing to do. In my younger days I liked to sing karaoke, but these days I like to sneak away to my office and do some coding, partly because I love doing it, and partly because it’s quiet (quiet is a precious commodity in a family of seven). Alina is described as a “thinker” in her HostUkraine profile. I don’t really know what that means, exactly, but it could mean that she and I will share some interests.

Steph here! I’m a nurse at a local non-profit hospital. I work in the ER,  but I have been accepting travel assignments to help pay for our adoption. I plan on moving on to Graduate School so I can move my focus to Family Nurse Practitioner. I really enjoy my work, but what I enjoy even more is the challenge of raising all of the very different children that we have been blessed with. I spent a lot of time avoiding homework in college and instead playing Tetris. I never expected to be playing real life Tetris with the fabric of time in my adult life! Keeping everyone on time and task isn’t always easy, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! In my spare time I enjoy learning piano, watching documentaries, having coffee with my friends, spending time outside, and contemplating how to make every minute of my life count. I hope to have a positive effect on as many people as possible while here!

Isabella is 13 and is homeschooling through Connections Academy online charter. She loves to practice computer animation, and is hoping to attend Baxter Academy this fall. She has a passion for cats, and volunteers at the local cat shelter making a positive impact on the homeless cats. She has been playing piano for two years, learning violin,  and has enjoyed her second season on the YMCA swim team. She is very responsible and takes pride in keeping her schedule and assignments from school and lessons in order. She is proud to be a high honors student!

Lorelei is 12 and in the 6th grade. She plays the violin and piano, and enjoys hip hop. She moved to Maine early 2016 to live with her Dad and Step-Mom and joined the crazy Howe clan. Lorelei is extremely gifted academically and is in gifted and talented. She is focused and compassionate; a great friend to have.  She’s social and warm, someone everyone enjoys having around. She is interested in being an engineer in the future, loves purple, and always makes everyone smile!

Jake is 7 and in first grade. He loves superheros, cars, and Legos. He has been very excited to learn to read this year and recently overcame his fear of the water and has enjoyed swimming. He loves outer space and all things science. Jake is a sensitive soul who cares very much about helping people and making friends. He is friendly and easy to talk to which earns him many friends wherever he goes. He loves music and can’t wait till he’s old enough to take piano lessons like his sisters and would like to learn drums too. He has been working hard at gymnastics over the last year, and hopes to grow up to be an astronaut.

Millie is 4 and excited about starting kindergarten! She loves being a big sister and loves to help take care of babies. She likes Elsa, My Little Pony, and superheros. She is the sweetest soul and is our family cheerleader. She loves to go to everyone’s events and is the first one to give a hug. She is compassionate and always happy. She hopes to be Cinderella when she grows up because she’s “a beautiful girl and already knows how to wash toilets.”

Ollie is 2. He loves cars and trucks, and Clifford. Ollie is a quiet guy who likes to watch everything. He is talking more lately and loves to be called ‘a big kid’. He likes to sit at the piano to ‘practice’. He picks things up quickly and likes to play with big kids. His favorite thing is mandarin oranges.

Josie joined our family on New Years Eve 2013 as a stray from the local shelter. She came to us timid, sick, and skinny. When she first came to us she had food aggression and major anxiety, in her time with us she’s been known to share snacks with the kids and has become a gentle nanny. Josie is a wonderful member of our family always sticking by our sides and greeting everyone that comes to the door. The neighborhood kids adore Josie and we can always count on her to protect us from all of the area squirrels.

President Business joined our family in 2015 as a senior cat at the local shelter, and was placed with us for free as he had been adopted too many times and returned. He has been such a hit in our neighborhood he is fed by several of our neighbors, but always finds his way home by his 7pm curfew. We had to put a collar with his name on it because he was so friendly he has been kidnapped several times and brought to the shelter thought to be a stray, but thankfully for his microchip he comes right back home after every adventure.

Nana is the Greatest Dane that joined our family May 2017 after being abandoned after her last litter of puppies were sold. She comes to us very neglected but it has not changed her heart. She’s a sweet old girl that is finally learning to stretch her legs and feel what a real family is.



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