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Trembling hands we sign here…..

This week we had a busy week filled with buzzing ideas, plans, contemplation, and passion. We chose to move forward with the idea of hosting a Ukrainian orphan.

Ted and I have been talking about it off and on ever since our friends Anna and Josh hosted for the Christmas season. Our friends have been called to adopt their hosted boy, and seeing their joy and passion ignited our questions, talks about our dreams, our purpose, and our future together.

We have spent the last four years changing diapers and burping babies, I can’t bear another hormonal year of crying because puppies are cute in between my frustrated rants. The thought of not being able to so deeply impact the growth and development of more future adults left us heartbroken. Surely there had to be a solution, and we realized Anna and Josh had shown it to us. Host, Adopt and support the ministries that have so delicately danced to access the children who are in the most need in this world.

Orphans. We need to turn our eyes to orphans. So we talked about how could we help an orphan, how could we really make a difference for a teenage girl half the world away. We can’t afford it, we have five children of our own, how will we find time or love in our hearts, we are too busy, it’s scary. That’s what people say to us and try to talk us out of saving a young HUMAN’S life. Not an aborted baby, not an embryo frozen in a lab, a real HUMAN. One that already occupies this earth. But don’t we have enough love? Don’t we have enough time to change the outcome for one child? Can’t we feed one more child for 10 weeks to make her wish come true? Maybe they’re right, maybe I shouldn’t.

Then my friend Jen pops up just in the middle of my struggle, she sends me a message: “This reminds me of you” she says. She sends me a photo that says “If you are more fortunate than others, it is better to build a longer table than a taller fence”.

She’s right, так, ми можемо. We can put our energy and time into taking a leap of a faith, and saying yes. I will host an orphan.

How will we afford this? Shouldn’t we pay other bills? Is it the worst decision we’ve ever made to offer to the community that every single person can play a part in saving this girls life? Everyone can put five dollars down and skip that starbucks for a day. Every single person that reads this can save an orphan. Ted and I agree to be the vehicle to facilitate it. “Trust in God” Anna tells us. We hold each other tight as we send a deposit with an application to host the girl we spent three full days choosing. A daunting and terribly sad process, as we selected our top six girls, down to the final candidate. We cried for the girls we didn’t chose. Then, we dance as we created a website to help spread the word, that this girl, Alina, might now have a chance.

We panicked when within a few hours we got an email saying $250.00 was due within 24 hours. We reached out to Anna. She prayed for us, she encouraged us, and she made me realize I had to get creative. I had to put my clever problem solving skills to work. I had to ask for help.

Within two hours of creating a page and starting to spread the word, a wonderful doctor I work with paid or initial $250.00. She secured Alina. She became part of the community that will help this girl have hope. Alina is in Ukraine right now. She’s probably laying in her bed scared, praying to her God that she is safe tonight, praying she gets selected to travel to USA for summer hosting. She’s praying if she is selected her family is nice to her. She’s praying to stay strong for the children she cares for in her orphanage. She’s praying she gets a lucky break and gets a CHANCE. Alina right now is praying for HOPE.

She doesn’t know that there is a family in the United States right now that is working day and night to make HER dreams come true. While rising up a community we will give Alina HOPE, and show her something she’s never know, LOVE.  <3 Stephanie

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